v1.0.2.5 has arrived!

The Epoch Taviana server has been updated to the latest Epoch version, v1.0.2.5. The new version is much the same as v1.0.2.4 however we’ve redone the loot tables from scratch to ensure they match the feedback we’ve received and cleaned up any errors. The key fix was MortarBucket spawns which have been fixed and confirmed to be now spawning correctly. Fuel pumps can now also be placed.

The other key change in the update was the removal of the Vilas car pack. This means the removal of around 50 vehicles types from the game which is very disappointing however the Epoch developers have assured the community that they will find a new, better replacement in the near future. All Vilas vehicles have been converted into car_sedan (White sedan) so any gear stored in the VIL vehicles has been retained.

With the update we have also included a brand new loading image which was kindly created ┬áby Joe Wilkinson who is known simply as ‘Joe’ in game. Thanks Joe for taking the time to create an awesome replacement to our ageing load in image.

New loading image

Please report any bugs and suggestions on the forums so we can continue to improve the server.


Thanks for your feedback!

The new Epoch Taviana server has been up and running for around 3 weeks now and the response has been amazing. Population has been stable and the server is often full for several hours during US and European prime time. I would like to thank the RD community for spending time submitting feedback and bug reports on the forums. The suggestions we’ve received has assisted tremendously in moulding the server into an enjoyable and exciting experience. This could not have happened without the assistance of the community so THANK YOU!

We’re still hard at work modifying and improving the server, cleaning up bugs, adjusting the economy and loot tables until we find a nice balanced ‘sweet spot’ that will provide a challenging yet rewarding experience. There has been a TON of changes since the server went up, some of which are listed below:

  • Completely custom economy.
  • Custom loot tables.
  • Animated helicopter crashes.
  • Custom supply drop events.
  • Bunch of new traders.
  • Custom buildings including a massive industrial complex at Zhabinka.
  • Tailored vehicle spawn list.
  • Lots of other minor adjustments.

We urge the community to continue providing feedback on where you want the server to go and what changes to see as the server will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the community.

Alteration to the Rules

There has been key changes to the rules regarding the building of objects. They can be view in full on the Rules page, but here are the key changes:

  • Do not build on or over roads. The only exception to this rule is Tank Traps and Barbed Wire.
  • Do not build at any high grade loot spawns, such as industrial, residential or military.
  • Do not build around traders.
  • Do not build overly unrealistic structures. Objects placed above ground MUST be supported by a structure.

There has also been a call for a server wipe due to how much the economy has been altered. While they will put all players on a level playing field it will ward off a lot of players who have already spent 10′s of hours building and collecting items. For that reason, a server wipe this early in the life of the sever would not be wise. However, a server wipe will be scheduled in the future once we feel the economy and loot tables are in a satisfactory state.

Donation Perks

Currently there are no donation perks in the Epoch server for existing supporters however we’re working on providing donator benefits for new and existing donators. We’ve decided not give donators custom load out perks like Vanilla Taviana had however we have an awesome idea involving a custom trader city, stay tuned.


New Server!

We’ve launched a new server. Introducing DayZ Epoch Taviana. We hope the choice to host a Epoch server will revitalise Taviana by bringing a bunch of new functionality that the Epoch mods provides. Dynamic base building, a massive assortment of vehicles, new weapons, and a plethora of other features should make for a new, exciting experience. TK_INS

But we need your help to make the server glorious! We need your opinion and suggestions on how we should tailor the server to be what you want to play. Let us know what you think we need to add, remove and tweak in order to make it an awesome server. Head over to this suggestion thread and let us know what you think.


RD has received an overhaul!

After weeks of preparation and development, the RD team is proud to present the newly overhauled web site. Many sleepless nights went into transforming the website into a versatile information platform that actually looks half decent. We’ve added a bunch of new features that will help you keep up date with RD announcement, keep track of the game servers, see where you stack up on the leader boards, connect with the community and make it easier to support RD.

We have added statistic pages for both the Taviana and Sahrani servers. Each page will list the top 20 players in any given statistic and has multiple sorting options. There is a plethora of stats that you can look up ranging from humanity, time survived, kill counts, head shot ratio, average survival time and a bunch more. We will be adding more functionality in the near future such as the ability to look up individual players, leader boards for specific stats and more.

From the Servers page you will be able to see the connection information for all RDGSN servers, availability and player count. This section also monitors AuthTech’s (our joint community) Feed the Beast Ultimate server. So if you enjoy Minecraft be sure to check it out!


The donation system has been completely revamped making it easier to support the RD community. There is now more skins that can be selected for Tier 1 donators and viewing these skins is also a lot easier. Our upgraded system now delivers your donation rewards instantly, just respawn once your donation is sent and you will receive your donation rewards every time you spawn from then on.

The RD administration team has also spent a significant time compiling a list of server rules to ensure there is no longer any confusion. We advise all RD players to head over to the Rules page and make sure you have a strong grasp on what is expected when playing on a RD server.

With the overhaul we have also purchased a dedicated web server in order to reduce load on our main game server which should improve performance during peak time.

Heavy development of the web site and the game servers will continue as usual. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know on the Forum, TeamSpeak or shoot us an email at admin@rapedungeon.net

The Rape Dungeon Team appreciates the continued support of the community!